How to Stop Roof Leaks

It is never convenient to discover your roof is leaking, and it can be difficult to know where to start to fix the leak. For major leaks, it is often better to trust a professional to solve the problem. If you find a small leak in your home, however, there are some simple steps you can take to stop roof leaks without the immediate help of a professional roofing team.

 Finding the source of the leak is the most important step to stop roof leaks

  • Finding the source of the leak is the most important step to stop roof leaks. Water will most often leak through the roof of your home, so following stains or other signs of leaking water up to the ceiling may lead you to the source. If you have an attic, that is another place to carefully check for leaks.
  • If your roof leak is caused by loose shingles or shingles that are bent or curled on the edges, fixing them can easily stop the leaks. This may require the use of a few more repair materials and time by the homeowner.
  • In emergency situations, it may be necessary to use plastic sheeting to cover the leaking area or use tar and flashing to stop the leak. These solutions are temporary, and more thorough repairs will often be needed.

When it comes to stopping roof leaks, there are many times a simple solution will do the trick. If you are experiencing a more serious roof leak, you may need the help of a professional. When this is the case, make BRAJAR Roofing Solutions your first call. We will make sure your roof is safe and secure. Call us today!