How to Spot a Storm-Damaged Roof from the Ground

When you see your roof aging or having a few shingles misplaced, you might not realize how serious it is until it starts to storm! Whether your roof is currently in pristine condition or is a few years into its lifespan, a storm can cause tons of damage. Here at BRAJAR Roofing Solutions, we try our best to work with all storm-damaged roof situations right away. We urge homeowners to not attempt to inspect their storm-damaged roof from a ladder or walking along the roof because it can be extremely dangerous and is best left to professionals like ours. If you are worried you might have sustained damages to your roof during the last storm, here are a few things to look for that can indicate a storm-damaged roof.

we can help with your storm-damaged roof

Obviously, you’ll be able to tell if a tree or large branch fell on your roof, but there are more subtle signs of a storm-damaged roof that you can see from the ground as well. Common items to look for can include a lot of granules in the downspout of your gutters, loose or torn shingles, shingle pieces on the ground, or bald spots on your roof. Other signs of wind or storm-damaged roofs include things like the metal fascia being bent, torn or displaced.

If you can’t tell anything from the outside of your roof from the ground, you can check your attic space for signs of a storm-damaged roof as well. Check for signs of leaks, moisture or dampness. You might also see water spots on your ceiling. All of these need professional repairs ASAP!

If you suspect trouble after a storm, call us today at BRAJAR Roofing Solutions to learn about how we can help with your storm-damaged roof!